Monday, November 19, 2007

Tagged! & Questions Answered

I've known I had some questions unanswered from the last few posts, so here are my answers to you, my Blogging Buddies.

I have not had the genetic testing done yet. I'm hoping I can show our history to the new RE & they will order it for us. If they don't, I will do to my PCM doc (Primary Care Manger) on base and ask him to order it. He's helped us out before, and I feel if I ask he might do it. I just don't want to use that unless absolutely necessary (trespassing on his good graces and all). I want this bad!

Projects to do in the spring while husband is deployed? Yes, actually, I am going to do landscaping. We'll have lived here 1 yr by then & we still just have the ugly/cheap stuff builders put in. I don't want to spend a ton, but I want to make it look beautiful and well kept. I had planned on painting/decoraing the baby's room when I was pregnant, but for now it'll stay as it is unless there's good reason to change it. :/

Where am I doing IVF through the military? H.all in Texas. Yes, we pay about $4,000 for IVF there. doesn't cover it or have anything to do with it when it's at a Military Treatment Facility like that & Wal.ter R.eed. comes into play when you use non-military doctors. &'s policy is to cover diagnostics/tests and anything used with natural intercourse. If you start doing IUIs or IVF then they (theoretically) do not cover drugs, ultrasounds, blood draws, etc with that particular cycle. Sometimes they do, but it's hit & miss. All military facilities I know of will not let you use donor sperm for IVF and maybe IUIs too, so you should stay with civilian providers. Good luck!

Also, I was tagged by Wishing, Hoping & Praying. Never been tagged before, so yippie. Here goes!

Four jobs I have had in my life: Turbo Pascal Programmer, Babysitter, Web Programmer, Index Operations Manger (current - work with S&P of the S&P 500 index)

Four Movies I have watched more than once: Sense & Sensibility, Shadowlands (old PBS version), Little Women, Where Eagles Dare (has anyone else see this?) (I watch a lot of favs more than once, but these I have watched a half dozen times & still do)

Four TV shows that I watch faithfully: Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1 (before it ended last season)... none others faithfully, but I like Man vs Wild, and Dirty Jobs

Four Places I have vacationed: Scotland (whoo-hoo), Grenada (nutmeg & rum punch!), Vermont (in the summer always), Napa Valley in Sunny California

Four of my favorite foods: Seared Ahi Tuna with Soy-Ginger Sauce, Pepper-crusted Filet Mignon with Caramel-Espresso Glaze or Bernaise Sauce, Godiva Warm Chocolate Melting Cake, Cheesecake Factory's Farfalle with Chicken & Roasted Garlic (bowtie, pancetta, mushrooms, tomatoes, parmesan, etc - how can you go wrong? the ultimate comfort food!)

Four places I would rather be right now: Starbucks!, Vacationing in Europe, Having a baby(?), doing IVF, (ok those last two aren't what you're looking for!)... fine, then, Tahiti.

Four hobbies I have: (I'm not a great hobby person, but these are things I will do in spare time occasionally) Hunting (prefer it warm, so dove is a favorite), Sewing (need a project), Violin (gotten out of it since married, but used to play in orchestra w/ 3 of my siblings & for weddings, etc & LOVED it), Gourmet Cooking/Baking (if you can't tell from my fav foods. :) 3 of those are ones I perpare at home)

I Tag:
Meg, Ally, and Laura.


Katie said...

I love learning new things about my blogger friends! Thank you for sharing!

Meg said...

Alright....alright I'll get to the tagging business. Thanks!

I just finally read your history and realized I got my BFP 3 days after you in Sept. and lost the baby a week after you - big virtual hug...


it was great to read your "tag" answers. i love learning new and unusual things. you and my husband would have soooo much in common when it comes to your tv choices. he loves sci fi. and reading your food favorites made me so hungry. yum!

gracechild said...

i've watched where eagles dare. a very very long time ago. I can't remember the story but i remember snow, some sort of war covert operation & a cute hero. I guess it was a good movie.

Samantha said...

Those are some pretty tasty sounding favorite foods. And complicated too! Mine are more like toasted cheese... :)

Searching said...

That food sounds sooooooooo good!

K said...

All those yummy sounding foods are making me hungry!!!

Thanks for your comments on my blog...and as to whether or not that was really Alexis Stewart who commented on my blog - I really doubt it. My tracking software said that the post came from someone in NYC, and I assume she's there often as she does a radio show from there? So I guess it's possible it was her, but not likely. I know someone who knows Alexis in real life, and that person thinks that the comments were not nearly cold or cruel or nasty enough to be from the real Alexis. Scary, eh? Maybe it was one of her friends, posting a comment on Alexis' behalf or something? Who knows.

Carrie said...

Hey, you've been to Scotland. That is so good. So many visit London and never come north to see us up here. Hope you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Thanks for your answers regarding the military insurance coverage. Tricare has covered all the testing for us and sent us to walter reed twice. Where were are now I was going to pay for the RE myself and she said to ask for a referral. I have already had a referral for infertility before so I thought it was a long shot. But I called the nurse for the family practice and she said she would submit the referral all they could say is no. So they approved it. Tricare covered the two ultrasounds and all the meds, the clomid and HCG shots. I just had to pay for the donor sperm and the procedure which totalled around 700.00. Anyways! Good luck to you! And I love reading your blogs!

CAM said...

Interesting about the military insurance....and I am hopeful for you to have the genetic testing.
I also have to agree on Starbucks - I would ALWAYS like to be there!

Julie and Greg said...

i hope you get the military to cover the genetic testing. WPAFB was really good about that for us. Now that they have cancelled the IVF program there I'm not sure what they are doing.Tricare covered a lot of my stuff when we were in the "diagnosis" stage and even u/s for IUI's. I think it is all in the way the RE codes it. Good luck and can't wait to hear if you got the testing. How long is the wait list at WH?