Tuesday, November 6, 2007

IVF #2, Deployment, Frozen Embryos & Go Vote!

All right, last night after dinner J and I sat down and talked about his deployment & IVF #2. We named the pros/cons to him deploying Dec vs Jan. And basically, going with his buddy does not mean as much to him as trying again (seriously, I kept pushing that point and he insisted). He also saw something interesting I hadn't thought of. If IVF#2 in January fails and he does the January depolyment, he will STILL be back in enough time to do IVF#3 in April. It's the only way we could do both. I of course am not thinking ahead to "What if IVF#2 fails?" I know the military won't just let you do IVFs forever, but I've been unable to establish WHEN they stop letting you get on the list. I know certain older women were only given 2 shots & then told their eggs were too old & they couldn't help them. I don't know if WH considers my 1st IVF a fail or success. It'll show up as a successful pregnancy, but not that ended in live birth. Anyway, just something that I keep in mind: we don't have unlimited tries with them.

Now I have something to ask. You ladies that have done multiple IVFs and gotten frozen embryos from them. If you have embryos already frozen with a facility, and you add more, do you get charged again? The place WH uses to store embryos is Fertility Center of SA & they charge $750 for cryopreservation, but even though I have one embryo there, they'll charge it AGAIN if I get another to freeze. Is this the way most clinics operate? It seems a horrible way to get even more $$$ for them!

Lastly, if you have ever benefited from Stirrup Queens, The Virtual Lushery, The IF Book Club (forgot its name???), The Lost & Found Connections, or Mel's wisdom, please go vote for her site as best Medical/Health Issues blog. There are 10 to chose from and in the IF community she stands out. She works hard to connect people going through just what we all are! So, you can vote once every 24 hours until Nov 8th! http://2007.weblogawards.org/polls/best-medicalhealth-issues-blog-1.php


Carrie said...

I can not imagine how stressful it must be to try to plan all this around your husband's job. As if it's not tough enough on its own.

I've no experience with frosties, sorry.

Hope you find a way that you are happy with and will fit in with plans.

Anonymous said...


Question for you. Where are you doing IVF through the military? We went to walter reed. Do you have to pay for your IVF? We could not finish IVF because my spouse refused to use donor sperm. But has since changed his mind and we are doing IUI with meds and donor sperm. Tricare covers ultrasounds and meds but not the procedure. Just wanted to ask you where you were doing IVF and if tricare covers it. Thanks and good luck! Amber

Steph said...

Hi, I have two girls of my own, but my new husband doesn't have any. I believe I was iladvised by my previous dr. to have a thermal ballon ablation and then a tubal. We desperatly want a baby. Can you please tell me where and how you are getting yours through a MTF?