Sunday, November 18, 2007

Back for a Bit!

I've been away, can you tell? We spent a week in North Carolina with our families. 3 1/2 days at my family's house, 3 1/2 days at J's family's house. Busy stuff!!! I especially loved visiting with my sisters, mom, nieces, and J's lil sister! I spend a good bit of time grinding venison, as J got a buck and his sister got her first deer (a yearling). I bow hunted and even got at full-draw, but the doe spooked. I want to get one next week. We love deer meat and I haven't bought ground beef since our first 8 months of marriage. Very lean, and you know what's in it. I hate ground beef at the store.

AF decided to show, so I'm on CD7 right now. Not especially happy about it, but again, what can you do but look forward? J and I have had a few conversations about what to do next. I want to squeeze in at LEAST two IUIs before April/May's IVF. J thinks they're a waste of money. If only sperm banking were free they'd be almost no money, since my tickets are free. But it's not. I have an appt Nov 26th with the RE in Colombus to get the 2nd opinion and beg for more tests. That is our plan: to get a 2nd opinion to our "unexplained" status, and to see if they'll test for miscarriage causes. If I like them, I may ask what an IUI would cost. We might do a medicated natural intercourse cycle (which is free), just depends. I will also ask how serious my rising FSH is. So, that's what my goal is: to get to that appt! I feel like J and I rarely talk about IF compared to how much I thiking about it, and always at my bringing it up (twice a week?). Not necessarily bad, but I feel I'm leaving him out of a big part of my life by supressing it, yet I know talking about it on and on upsets him. Hmm. I guess he doesn't have anything new to add anyway, though. And obviously I don't like being stagnant, which I feel we are, and he doesn't like to waste money/emotional effort, which he feels IUIS at WH would be. So we've agreed to pray about it and I assume if anything comes up at the new RE, we'll talk about the future. I guess my opinion is, we're already doing "nothing" as it is, and IUIs increase the "nothing" to "a little more than nothing" for unexplained, so I'm happier not wasting time - time that may be precious if my FSH levels keep rising. Were my FSH always low I doubt I'd feel so very pressed. A future without good chances is fearful.

So that's our life. We'll go back to NC for Thankgiving, so again I'll be MIA. My wireless card decided to die, so I have to plug my laptop up to a hardwire, which drives me crazy and makes me use it less. :/ Sorry! But I just got updated and left comments for you all!


Kim said...

Welcome back! I'm so glad that you had a week to just relax. Your game plan sounds good, too. I've been thinking of you!

Samantha said...

Sometimes it's hard to talk things over with your husband, but I hope you and he and both be on board with your game plan. It sounds good to me!

Enjoy Thanksgiving in NC. Should be beautiful weather.

Searching said...

Sounds like a great trip! My mom's side are all bow hunters. I was the one spooking off the critters, so I wasn't usually allowed... (I don't even kill spiders, or eat red meat, so I'm *that* type, but I'm all for people eating healthier and would buy venison if hubby would eat it). I think about babies nearly all the time and very, very rarely talk to hubby about it. When we get serious about it (I mean *he*) it might be different, but for now I completely rely on my blogging friends for an ear and support. I have nowhere else to go. So I'm always more than happy to listen to your vents/concerns/ideas. Sounds like you have options, which is exciting! Can't wait to hear the costs and everything so you know what you can do next!

CAM said...

Welcome back to blogland. Have you had genetic testing done yet? It was helpful for us with m/c info.etc. Just a thought - its just some bloodwork and tells you a lot. I like the idea of a second opinion...the more the better!
Thanks for visiting me and for the sweet supportive words.

andrea_jennine said...

It can be really hard to have productive conversations with our husbands about IF. I try to make it my policy that if I want to blog about it or tell a girlfriend about it, I had better talk to my husband about it! And, since I'm the one who has it on the brain all the time and does all the research, I want to give Aaron the info he needs to understand and to lead us into good decisions. Hope you and J can find good common ground about the IUIs and other options before your next IVF!