Thursday, September 13, 2007

IVF #1 - Fertilization Report

WH called today & gave us our report.... Of the 17 eggs they retrieved, 13 were mature. That means 4 were not mature/large enough to have eggs in them. Of those 13 mature, 7 fertilized - over half!

We're (again) grateful to have gotten to this point.

Friday morning at 10 we'll go in for the transfer of the two best looking embryos. We're praying that all of them keep growing strong. Not all usually do, but all that are still growing by Sunday (5 day old embryos, at the blastocyst stage) will be frozen. We continue to ask for you prayers for these embryos to grow strong and well... all of them, if the Lord wills!

Thank you for all your comments! It's been SO BUSY being here in San Antonio trying to visit old friends and do funb stuff in the area, I've rarely been on the computer more than 5-10 minutes at a time. But once I get home (early next week) I'll start reading/commenting more faithfully.


Reproductive Jeans said...

Great fert report!=)

andrea_jennine said...

Grow, grow, little embryos!

Chris said...

What a great report! I'm wishing only the very best for you. Have fun enjoying your visit as well!

Searching said...

Wow- what an awesome bunch of stats! I'll be praying that they all stay busy and grow, grow, grow!!