Tuesday, September 4, 2007

IVF #1 - 4 Days of Meds - Ultrasound #2

So, after a terrific weekend in GA, I got back to San Antonio Monday night. Went in for my Tuesday appt and even though I arrived at 5:30 I wasn't the 1st! By the time all the ladies arrived for scans, there were about 20! It was ridiculous! I'm so glad I went early, that would have been such a hassle waiting around.

I got Dr. A, who's fine. In & out in like 3 minutes. I think he was impressed I didn't seem anxious/worried or have tons of questions. (that'll come later!). (& for what it's worth, there are only 4 docs at WH so I'm not silly enough to actually use their real initials, the letters I use stand for something to me. Not creative enough to use actual nicknames.)

So, Tuesday's scan, after 4 days of meds (150IU Follistim in am, 15cc HCG in pm) (taken on Day 5 before my morning dose) revealed:
Left: 12 less than 10mm, largest 7.8
Right: 4 less than 10mm, 10.2, 12
Endometrium: 6.7

I'm shocked my right is outgrowing my left, this has never happened. The aspirated cyst had fluid around it, but they said it was ok.

After my labs came back , they called & told me on Day 6 (tomorrow), take my Follistim down to 125IU. Guess my E2 is a bit high? So that works for me. My stomach is a bit sore around the injection sites, because I've done 2 on my right and 8 on my left - beacuse the 1st HCG on the right bruised badly! The soreness makes it hard to pinch the skin for th injection. Oh & I figured out Follistim hurts less than Gonal-f.

I scheduled my 1st IVF Accupuncture. I'll have 5 appts, the first will be 5-9 days pre-retrieval. Curious if I can stand it! This is all the update for today, thanks for coming by!!


Reproductive Jeans said...

Hope all continues to go on schedule!

andrea_jennine said...

Sounds like you're right on track!

Chris said...

Congrats on everything going well. Be prepared for acupuncture to be a very positive experience. I have been doing it for months and love it. In fact, I'm even stepping it up a bit since I'm now starting IVF #1.

CAM said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE acupuncture! There has been lots of research on it and its positive effect.
Sounds like all of your ivf treatments are going along well. The belly does get so beat up though, so sore! Just be careful not to go too close to your belly button - major ouch!
Keep us posted! I'll be checking back...

Glenna Marshall said...

Wow--it's exciting to see things in motion for you! I'm interested to see how you like acupuncture...we've considered going that route. Are you familir with "The Infertility Cure" by Randine Lewis? Someone passed it along to me...it's all about treating infertility (along with your regular IF treatment) with Traditional Chinese Medicine. I haven't read much from it yet, but there is a lot on acupuncture. I'm intrigued at this point. :)

Hope the injections become "normal" feeling soon and not so painful!