Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hysteroscopy Update

Good news! The hysteroscopy went wonderfully! They did not find anything unusual or bad in my uterus, they said it looked great. (So the Reproductive Endocrinologists were right, the Radiologist was wrong.) I was able to watch it all and it was quite interesting; I'm thrilled to know what the inside of my uterus actually looks like. I was given a Valium took take an hour beforehand, and although I didn't feel it doing anything, the firend driving me told me I wasn't giving appropriate answers at times (too slow)! When the doctor initially came in to introduce himself to me, he told me I wasn't acting like someone on drugs. :)

It did take about 20 minutes (as they switched cameras once) and was a bit painful (very manageable and only real hard for a few minutes). Nothing like the HSG. I have never felt so well taken care of at the clinic there. For my other appointments I've felt rather like one face in a million, and as if they were always rushed/busy (or sent me resident doctors who didn't really know much). This time, Dr. J (a head dr) came in early and talked to me (never had him before). He had the kindest bed-side manner I've ever seen in a dr - even let me squeeze his hand during a painful part! They had 2 resident dr's doing the procedure, they were nice and pretty gentle. Then Dr. M (another head dr) came in later to watch during the hysteroscopy also. So I felt like I was really being looked after. Then they did the ultrasound and one cyst was gone, one was down to 1.5 cm from 4 cm (the corpus luteal cysts from too much clomid, 100 mg). So all was good. I will go in next Thursday for my next ultrasound.

Even though I would have liked them to have actually found polyps or something easy to fix (how I hate being unexplained!), I'm still glad of it. They also learned that we have to leave San Antonio for Georgia in January, so they'll do IUI next month if this one doesn't work. They undertand there's a little more priority for us, so I'm thrilled. I'd rather conceive naturally, but while we're here, I want to give it our best shot possible.

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