Tuesday, October 10, 2006

ER Visit!

I So know I'm not the only one on on an unmonitored Clomid cycle, but I have been warned it isn't safe. I have asked to be monitored this 2nd cycle, but the doctors refused. Now I'm mad.

First off, let me say that on Friday J and his 2 brothers left for a wild boar hunt. They were out where there is no cell service, and the little cabin only runs on a generator (no toilet, even), so no phone whatsoever. His 15 year old sister C was staying with me and we'd planned a fun few days. The boys weren't to return until Sunday evening.

I went to bed Friday night with strong lower abdominal pains. Felt like gas. I slept and awoke at 2:45 in severe pain. I went to the kitchen for a Gas-X and my vision got black for 5 seconds. I held the counter. Then I reached up for the medicine.... The next thing I know I'm lying on the kitchen floor, staring at the ceiling, not knowing how I got there or how long I was passed out. I headed back to my room and again, thinking "I've got to lay down", and I wake up to find myself on the closet floor, stairing up, wondering how and why I was there (again, I'd passed out).

I didn't know why I was passing out. I went to tell C what was up. I called a hospital who told me they couldn't give medical advice. They gave me a nurses line to call. The nurse said it was serious and I should come in, but not drive myself. C can't drive a stick, and all I had at that point was one. I didn't want to call any friends at 3 am, and they all live at least 15 minutes away. So I called the ambulance. I have no idea whether TriCare covers that, I tried to look it up, and it looked like they might. I was relaly hoping J wouldn't get upset at me for calling an ambulance!

I was taken to a hospital and the inital thought by the doctor was that my ovaries had ruptured cysts on them. The dr was angry I was on unmonitored clomid (100 mg, which I think you should start out on 50mg) and said it was irresponsible. I have to agree, even though I know it's cheaper to not monitor people & I'd already done one cycle just fine with it. The hospital gave me an IV with Demerol and fluids and something else. The Demerol made me see two of everything and loopy. C read to me and I kept thinking I was saying gibberish. She says I said nothing but moaned.

I had to have a CAT scan to ensure my appendix was ok. It was, but they said I had a lot of fluid and a little blood in my abdomen. That was the cause of the pain/swelling, and I passed out from pain, they said. They sent me home after 9 hours, but told me to follow up with an OB-GYN on Monday (they're all off, so I'll go Tuesday). They said it could have been a ruptured ovarian cyst, and unrelated to the clomid, we're not sure. It seems highly unlikely that I as a healthy female who's never had any pain or trouble with my uterus/ovaries/etc would all of a sudden have a cyst burst.

Right now I'm mad at the dr's at WH for their irresponsibility in this. I'm mad I went through this (almost) all alone. I'm upset J wasn't there for all my pain.

***UPDATE: So I finally broke the news to J as they drove away from the ranch. He took it TOO WELL! He was so calm, I got so upset that he just didn't care! However, he was inwardly upset but just didn't know how to react, he told me. Monday we took the siblings to the RiverWalk and had a grand time. I was in mild pain, and did end up getting a 102 fever that evening/night.

The dr's appointment on Tuesday was a joke, at first. For some reason the files didn't show why I came in - they thought I was just coming in to bug them about the HSG results! All I got this time was a resident dr and they have no authority at WH! She kept trying to tell me that the clomid could in no way cause my ER visit and blah blah. I started crying and basically told her I couldn't stand for this to happen again and I needed answers. J says she looked out of her league & she went off to get one of the staff dr's. He immediately said "Let's do an ultrasound." And he found a "hemmoragic corpus luteal" cyst on each ovary about 2cm in size, and blood/fluid in my abdomen. He said I'd released eggs from both ovaries, and I don't know why they were hommoragic. I had to press for options to keep this from happening agian. He said I could now go on 50mg Clomid, rather than 100, and be monitored! Yes! They didn't have the HSG results back.

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