Wednesday, October 4, 2006

HSG Confusion - WHAT???

I had my HSG on 8/23 and the doctors told me it was ok. There was a "whitish area" (the places the dye went was black) on the xray that the tech said looked like "air bubbles." She told me she'd inject more dye, and if it was air it would move. It didn't. She said she'd still call it a normal HSG. When we went in to get ALL results from the doctors (blood, SA, and HSG), they said Everything was normal for both of us. I specifically asked the drs about the white area, they said, "We personally didn't look at your xray, another doctor did, but I'll check it out and let you know." They never did, so I assumed it was good.

Today I went in to a different doctor about a rash (totally unrelated to IF) (a flight surgeon for you military people with 20 yrs as an ob-gyn) and we started talking about my tests and infertility (because I'd seen him for the referral to the IF center). He took a look at my tests and he opened the file on my HSG.... It clearly said there Diganosis: Abnormal! It kept talking about the mass and said possibilities were endometriosis, uterine polyps, sinichea, and versus submucoal fibroids. WHAT?!?!?!? I called the IF line (you can't ever talk to a real person, just leave a message) and left a message asking for an explaination!!!

I got a call back from a resident doctor over at WH. At first she excused it and told me "The doctors here said it looks good, and I can tell you there are 2 doctor's signatures on the file and they're all excellent doctors." I really had to push and tell her I SAW with my own eyes where it said it was an ABNORMAL HSG and that I had a mass in my uterus. Finally, she said she'd check the radiology report. She got silent and said..... "Maybe we need to take a closer look at your file." Sure enough, that was where the discrepancy was. She said the RE and the Radiologist disagree with the interpretation of the HSG. So she said they'd review it on Thursday and she'd call me back on Friday.
I was rather infuriated.... She tried to write me off so many times ("You're on clomid and we can't do anything for you for a long time anyway, why not just wait for your follow-up appointment in November to hear about this?").

However, I am maintaining trust in everything God's taking us through. More later.

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