Sunday, January 6, 2008

Chart Readers Welcomed!

Ok so this month's chart was unlike any other I've ever had. My Luteal Phase is always 13-15 days long. Usually my new cycle's start day is accompanied with a temp dip (or the following day is).

So, this month my LP was 17 days long. I suspect a chemical pregnancy. You know why I can't know? Because when I tested on 14 DPO I ran out of tests. At that point, my husband wanted me to wait a few days to test again. I honored that. Tested yesterday (when my temp dipped), BFN. Today my temp's back up, but BFN again. Then, spotting turned to flow. Drat.

I've searched a bunch of Fertility Friend's charts and it seems a lot of ladies with chemical pregnancies get BFP's about 2 days before they start bleeding (so 1 day before they start bleeding they get the BFN's). Since I didn't get a chance to test 2 days I just can't know. Maybe I'll never know. I would be overjoyed if this was a chemical pregnancy, because it would mean we can conceive on our own.

However, it looks like I'll just never know. I'll chalk it up to a really weird cycle. But what do you all think???

***UPDATE: (Sorry, TIM) I just passed two large fetus-looking clots. Abnormal! I am now considering the chemical possibility even more. It's not a sad thought. While I wouldn't at this point say, "Gravida 2, Para 0" I'd still at least maybe harbor some hope our bodies cooperated. Hope's not always a bad thing. Afterall, we only have one more shot at TTC naturally until IVF #2.***


andrea_jennine said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure. Do you think you could have ovulated on day 15, rather than day 13 where FF is giving you the coverline? A 17 day luteal phase isn't totally out of the question, either; it's long, but not impossibly so. I guess if I were in your place, I would not assume chemical pregnancy without a positive test.

(And whoa! You two were busy this month!)

Maria said...

Hmmm, that is pretty screwy. I checked out your chart and can't really figure out why? It looks like you definitely O'd. Which is always a good thing.

Sorry I couldn't help more.

Deborah said...

I had a chemical pregnancy this month, and I got a BFP the day I started bleeding (spotting had already started). My period was 2 days late by that point. Actually, my temps stayed up for a few days after the bleeding started, I guess until the HcG went down to negative levels. And like you, I was overjoyed because it meant I'd conceived, which I hadn't done before. I hope that helps.

Loren said...

hmmm...thats a tough one. I think you might be right.

No matter what, you are ovulating and there is no reason you shouldn't have all the hope in the world that you can conceive naturally!
by the way, WOW for all the gettin it on you guys have been doing this month! Impressive. ;p

Adriane said...

It certainly sounds a bit like a chemical pregnancy. The chart did look like an interesting cycle. You certainly gave it the good college try, too! :-)

I'm just not sure - obviously of zero help! Sorry! I really hope this next TTC cycle works!!!

Ann said...

I really don't know--and I consider myself something of a FF expert! At this point, I don't see any harm in assuming this was a chemical pregnancy, especially since you passed those clots.

CAM said...

You are probably the best one to know what your body is going through - I bet you are right on with your thoughts. The clots do make it seem unusual.
Thanks for the kind words in your comment for means so much!

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Searching said...

How are you doing??

Elaine said...

just checking in on you.