Thursday, May 24, 2007

What Do You Know About LH Levels?

Ok I have done what every RE must hate: I looked at - no, scrutinized - my charts. I can't find much info out there on Dr. Google, so I figured you ladies in the online community may know much more!!

I don't like my LH levels, on CD3 or 4. I think they're just too high. Here's all the draws I've had that I have record of:

8/06 CD3: 8.4
10/06 CD4: 9.5
4/07 CD4: 11.9

That one in April really bugs me. It was after 3 months/cycles of no meds. The 1st draw in 8/06 was my 1st RE appt, so again, no meds in my life. It just looks like it's getting "worse". Why? Should I worry. I'll post my FSH levels on those draws, which I know are more important, but they don't worry me.

8/06 CD3: 6.6
10/06 CD4: 7.2
4/07 CD4: 7.9

Actually, now that I freakin look at it, that is slowly rising too! AGH! Do I worry in vain????? I feel like crying but since that won't do a single thing to help what's going on here, I feel like: Why bother?

***UPDATE*** Thanks for the suggestion, Andrea. I think they only way I've been "checked" for PCOS was the CD3 or CD4 ultrasounds. I usually have 5-6 little follicles on each side, and it doesn't have the "string of pearl" look. I did ask the dr's specifically about my FSH:LH ratio and he said it was quite normal to see a more than 1:1 ratio but as long as it wasn't close to 2:1 it was ok. Plus I have NO other side effects of PCOS. :/ But thanks for the suggestion!!!


andrea_jennine said...

Have you been checked for PCOS? This chart online - - says that LH higher than FSH could indicate PCOS. Your FSH looks fine to me, but you might want to ask your doc about the ratio of the LH/FSH levels.

Karen said...

Andrea recommended the exact site I would have recommended. The only other recommendation I have is to sit down with your RE and ask to have these hormone levels explained to you in detail. If he gets touchy that you scrutinized your record, tell him to suck it up. It's YOUR health and your fertility at stake, not his. You have every right to be informed.