Monday, May 7, 2007

A Natural Cycle...

Well, today is CD3 and I have another natural, non medicated cycle in front of me. This is the last month J could travel until August-ish without disrupting his training schedule. I have brothers graduating from college & high school these next two weekends, which means 7hr car trips to NC for those. So traveling to Texas for another IUI is really out of the question. I'm resigned, but sad. I (mentally) have almost no hope for natural cycles work. If a medicated cycle with 3-4 eggs & an IUI where millions of sperm are getting straight into the uterus doesn't work, why would a natural cycle work? I know it's possible, but the cards are stacked against me.

I am going to try another Military Treatment Facility that's only 6 hours away, not a plane-trip. Maybe then we could do a June IUI, since J would only have to miss maybe one day of training/work? I don't know if I can even get in. Seriously, I just want to try an all injectable IUI cycle once more, and then I'd rather move to IVF.

On the bright side, a dear friend mailed me some fabulous coffee from Tacoma,WA. Wowie, this stuff is amazing! I'm drinking it black and loving life, at least the coffee part of it.

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Karen said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog today. I always love it when people de-lurk. :)

Would the MTF allow you to have your husband produce samples to be cryopreserved so that you could have IUIs even if he wasn't available to travel? I grew up as a Navy Brat, so I know the system is often inflexible, but it might be something to consider.