Friday, August 3, 2007

CD 6, BCP Day 2

My second day of BCP's. They are so tiny! I've never done BCP's so I found it interesting how they come packaged. I always wondered how someone didn't mess up the whole pill/placebo thing. I had my dr call in the perscription and he only called in one month's worth. At that time I didn't know exactly when AF would decide to come, and I knew it contained 21 pills, so that possibly could be enough. Well, AF showed on 7/29 and I was suppose to go in for CD3 blood work and to get my perscription. I was told to start on CD5 and take until Aug 26. I didn't do the math exactly, but it felt like I'd be a few pills short. When I got to the pharmacy the lady asked how many packs I was picking up.I said I needed 2, then she told me the dr only perscribed 1. So why'd she ask anyway! Agh. I tried to call the dr, but got a busy signal. Being too lazy to actually just walk over (same building, just a way's down) to Flight Medicine, I got my pills and left. I had pressing errands on base and had to be done to pick up J at 9:30.

I finished the errands and had time left over. So I then went back to Flight Medicine and tried to see the dr. He wasn't in, but the girl there said she could get another dr to perscribe me another pack (I was 6 short). She did, so I went back to the pharmacy. They were pretty slow! When they finally called me up, I got my stuff and left... and noticed they'd given me 3 packs plus 3 refills in the future!!! Sheesh.... Dr. L at the base knows I'm doing IVF (he had to order all the blood tests) but obviously the others thought I was just filling it for non-procreative purposes! Whatever. I figured if we have to do IVF #2 then at least I'll have the BCP's and won't have to worry about getting those.

I know my mom has been praying I wouldn't have to do IVF and would get pregnant naturally. I don't think she knows about the BCP's this month, so in her mind I still have one more chance. I still find it a bit hard that she can't fully support (rather, be happy with) our decision for medical intervention. Here's the funny part. If you have any sort of bodily aliment (even just a cold), she'll whisk you off to the dr and insist on medication! She rarely believes in letting your body naturally heal itself. But when it comes to IF, she hates doctor intervention and especially drugs! I think it's because she's a lady who baess other's experiences on what's worked for her. She & Dad tried 3 years to get pegnant with my oldest sister. She finally got pregnant and then I came 3 years later - so I think there was a few months of trying there. 20 months later the twins come. After that 4 more kids every 2 years, the last being when my mom was 41 - and they didn't particularly want it. She didn't need help, so why should I? Most of her stories - no, all I think! - are of friends with some sort of IF (she's never used that word - she just says "had trouble getting pregnant") that just prayed and tried, some up to 12 years. And finally it happened. I don't think she knows anyone who's adopted all their kids b/c they couldn't have any. So this colors her worldview a lot. Anyway, I still love her and tell her stuff, but I do not feel like I want to tell everything. My sister, & best friend after J, I tell everything to. And she really wants to hear. Even though she has 2 kids easily conceived (honeymoon baby & one 21 months later), she empathizes. I LOVE her!

Sorry to rant. 4 weeks to Baseline Appt. Sunny Texas! It'll be like a vacation, honestly. Visiting old friends and having fun. Plus I like my clinic and I don't dislike any of the drs (though I have my fav!).... So just waiting!


andrea_jennine said...

When I filled my first IVF BCP prescription, the pharmacist asked if I wanted to sign up for auto-refills. He obviously didn't get what the BCP were for, either (although you'd think the fact that they also had my pre-natal vitamin prescription on file might have tipped him off!).

I found it such a weird feeling starting the BCP - eliminating my chance to conceive for one month in the hopes of boosting chances to get pregnant. But it was freeing not to worry about TTC for that month.

I hope IVF #1 works for you!

amy said...

I already have my BCPs lined up for IVF #1 because we thought we'd start this summer but the insurance decided we needed to try IUI again....anyway, it seems kind of counterproductive to take BCPs but I'll trust the science that it's right.
I'm sorry about your mom. I think it is really hard for people to understand the feelings of IF and if you can find someone who can understand without having been there themselves then it is truly a gift.

Good luck!!

Reproductive Jeans said...

Thanks so much for your kind comment...
Having to tell family members is a hard ground to walk on in all this mess--you just arent sure how they are going to react, and Im sorry your mom is reacting that way--I honestly think she is scared FOR you, and wants to protect you from the hurt this journey can cause...
I hope that IVF #1 is it for you!

Loren said...

I'm just stopping by to say "hi"- and although I hate to see anyone in this horrible IF nightmare, it's nice to "meet" someone close to my age dealing with it. I'm 24, hubby just turned 30, and we're making our way through this mess as well.
So..Hi. and I hope you finish soon. :) no one deserves this heartache.