Thursday, August 23, 2007

CD 26, BCP Day 22

Just a little update to say in a week I have my IVF Baseline appt! I'm excited to start this, very bewildered where we'll be in a month. But ready to do this now.

Also, my temps were up for about a week, but since they've gone down now FF took off my Ovulation day. Apparently BCP's work. Haha. Only 3 more pills and am I glad. I hate that they're a part of the IVF protocol.

There's very little else to say now, but I've got this draft I need to get out about Infertility and God. But until I get around to that, I'll just be checking all your sites like normal.

And remember those ladies I mentioned? Grace Is Still Enough and Baby Wait could use some hugs.


andrea_jennine said...

Ooh, you're really about to get started now! I'm praying for good things to come!

Loren said...

AWW, you mentioned me in your post! Thanks, you're so sweet. And I was just stoppin by to say that you are the one that is incredible. You have been trying so hard for so long...I hope the road is taking a turn for you soon. A road laid in diapers and pacifers and MORNING SICKNESS. ;)
But thank you for your kind thoughts. They mean the world.

Glenna Marshall said...

Thank you for your comments--how encouraging you have been to me! I am indeed grateful to be able to grasp some of these truths that I might not otherwise have grasped if not for my years of IF.
Thank you for praying for me!!!

How exciting to get the ball rolling SOON! I will definitely be praying for you!


Kim said...

I suck and just saw your last comment on my blog. R isn't military, yet. He actually just pro-rec'd today for OCS (Navy)! I'm so excited!

As long as things go according to plan, he should be swearing in by the end of this year or the beginning of next, hopefully! He's commissioning in as an officer, by the way.

ANYWAY... Yeah, I had heard that Tricare covered the diagnostic part but not the treatment part. Is that not true? Enlighten me, please!!