Friday, June 15, 2007

Nuthin Big Goin On Here

So... I got the call and it looks like my baseline apointment will be the last week in August.
The first week in September I'll need to be in San Antonio, because I'll start my stims & be in 2-3 times for ultrasounds and blood work. Personally, I enjoy the monitoring because it gives me a feeling of control as well as an early start on the day!
Then the 3rd week of September I'll have ER & possibly ET.
What didn't make sense to me was, what do I do the 2nd week of September? I guess I'm assuming there's a possibility the end of that week could be ER, I guess it just depends on WHEN in the 1st week of Sept I actually start stims.

All you IVF pros out there: What day did you start stims (CD1? CD3?) and what day was ER? I know it's different for everyone, but I'd like a general idea! :)

For what it's worth, I ovulated last night. I never cease to think perhaps this could be our lucky month. But there's a lot less pressure for it to be, knowing IVF is just 2 cycles away. I have to send our check in early next week, and once they have it if we cancel there's a $350 administrative fee if we have to cancel the cycle (like because of pregnancy). I could live with that if it happened.

On a totally non-IF related topic, we just received the claim back from our move. We claimed damage costs of $2065.49 and we received $1200.46. It was horrendous, with items stolen and broken all over the place. 60% of our major furniture was broken in some way. It was hard not to be angry about the poor payment received. One item they denied replacing was the front of my brand-new Titanium LG Freezer. The doors got dented (1 pretty bad) and they just gave $50 in cosmetic damage. To replace just one door was $250. So I don't have warm feelings toward them at the moment. Our first move was SO GOOD I had no idea you could have such a bad one. *sigh*


andrea_jennine said...

I don't know if you're doing suppression as part of your protocol, but here's how my first IVF ran from start to finish.

Suppression cycle
Day 3 - start BCP
Day 23 - last day of BCP, start Lupron
Cycle ended on Day 28

Stim cycle
Day 6 - start Follistim, continue Lupron
Day 14 - last day of Follistim & Lupron
Day 15 - Ovidrel trigger shot
Day 17 - ER, start PIO & baby aspirin
Day 20 - ET

Around ER & ET, I also took antibiotics and immunosuppressors.

CAM said...

Well, since I am on my 4th ivf I guess that puts me on the "pro" side.
I always start meds on Day 3. I do a combination of meds each night and get blood and sono every other day. If you listen when they measure the follies you can gauge when your retrieval will be. When they measure in the range of 19-21 thats when they usually say you're ready. Mine has been anywhere from day 14-17. Let me know if you have any other questions!! :)

Ann said...

I'm so sorry about your bad move! Yes, I agree--they are really, really cheap.

Re your comment on my blog--I never noticed before that you had a ruptured corpus luteal cyst, too! Wasn't it scary? I felt a little silly going to the ER, but when you endure a dull pain all weekend, and then wake up Monday at 4 a.m. with a sharp, excruciating pain, you tend to get a little worried. I hope the next time I ovulate, I can have a cyst-free time.