Tuesday, November 28, 2006

IUI #2 Completed!

IUI #2 is complete. CD14 (The morning of the trigger, 1 day before the IUI) showed:

E2: 982.2 (not as good as 1447 last time at CD13)
FSH: 6.7
LH: 21.4 (almost surging?)
Left Ovary: 23, 14.9, 4 less than 10
Right Ovary: 10.2, 10 less than 10
Lining 8.7

Timing seemed pretty good, although I continue to be preturbed by the right ovary not having any mature eggs. Sperm post-wash: 73 million, 45% motile (not as good as last time either). I guess that's ok, I just like my chances as increased as possible. The shot was no trouble. J's words last night were, "I'm getting good at this, and I hate it!" Poor him! We got to go in together today and the same resident doctor that did it last time did it this time. She was good, but it was a bit more painful than I remember. This time, I've been completely prone all day. Not risking anything getting up, no matter if they say it's ok. J came home at lunchtime with a pizza (my favorite, btw) and a decaf Starbucks Gingerbread Latte. That was such a sweet gesture! It really made me feel so well taken care of by him.

So now beings the dreaded 2ww.... again. However, I'm going to find joy in it. That's one thing the Lord's been speaking to me lately. To find joy in this trial. So I'm attempting to. I'm so grateful
everything turned out well this time.

I'm curious if I'll feel the HCG hormones this time like I did last time. It's equivalent of what you're feel at 6 weeks past conception. :/

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