Friday, November 17, 2006

IUI #2 Blood & Follicle Update

The appointment went well. These are CD4 Levels:

E2: 38.5
FSH: 7.2
LH: 9.5
Left Ovary: 6 less than 10
Right Ovary: 5 less than 10

I am going in the Monday after Thankgiving for my next blood/ultrasound. 95% chance I won't have ovulated yet, and they'll prescribe the HCG shot for that evening and the IUI for Tuesday morning. That would be perfect, in my opinion. The alarm clock was 15 minutes fast this morning (accidentally) so I actually left the house at 4:45. Oh well. I got #1 again for ultrasounds. :)

The lady in the lab that took my blood was not good, however! I felt the needle go in WAY too far and it hurt immensely throughout the draw & upon her taking it out. She even asked if I was ok (never had that before). Did she know how bad she was? I even have a bruise, that's a first! The doctor (Dr. M - a good one, but not my favorite) said the usual procedure is to go through 9 IUIs before getting on the IVF list!!! That's a lot! 3 Clomid/IUI, 3 Clomid/Gonal-f/IUI and 3 Gonal-f/IUI.

He did offer to, on an individual basis, consider the fact that we're moving and put us on the IVF list, which is a 12-18 month wait. J & I will pray about all this. Flying back here for IUIs may be more expensive than just doing them in GA. I just don't know. Good thing God promises wisdom for those who ask!

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