Monday, December 15, 2008

Warning!!! Baby Girl Pictures

Today I just feel like making a happy post... I got 3-D pictures of baby girl about 2 weeks ago and I finally am uploading them to share. She is just beautiful. I can swear I see my husband's nose on her (I hope so, he's had nightmares that the sperm got mixed up at WH and this wasn't his baby!!!). I think she smiled at us in one of the pictures. I have been utterly pleased with my doctor's ultrasound equiptment. I don't think I've yet witnessed anyone who gets pictures at the same weeks as I do who has better quality. Which is surprising considering what a smallish town I live in.

We are planning on traveling back to NC (an 8 hour car trip) for the week between Christmas and New Year's. I don't know that the midwife will like it, and frankly it really unnerves me, thinking that at that point, I could go into labor, be 36 weeks, and be considered full-term. I don't want to have the baby without a midwife, without anyone I'm familiar with. But I guess I have to weigh the risks and stakes and be ok with going. Which I guess I am. Hmmm.

I doubt the baby is permanently head-down yet. They said she was at 33 weeks, but I know she's not "engaged" yet because I know what that feels like, when she's really settled in. I am not afraid of labor, but I do feel it's a huge, huge unknown that I'm really unprepared for, even as much as I read or practice.

I have had two baby showers now and felt utterly humbled and grateful and unworthy. I cried at each one, but made a special point to explain that I valued everyone's support, love and prayers that got us to this point, and I rather felt they should be the ones receiving the presents for going through "the trenches" with us. I am grateful for all the help with getting stuff though, because babies take a lot of stuff apparently!

So for now, I'll close with this, and some pictures that make my heart ache with happiness. I'm thinking of you all as another holiday approaches, especially those of you facing another milestone without the dear child you're so lonigng for. May this be your very last.


Stacemoe said...

She is just beautiful and look at that CUTE BELLY!!!!!!!!
I am so excited for you!!! Praying safe travel for ya'll over the holidays and a smooth, quick healthy delivery and baby!!!

JJ said...

Awww, she is beautiful! And you are right: she looks like a girl, and Ron looks like a boy--amazing how that works, huh=) Be safe coming over to NC!

Jules said...

You're right - those are amazing pictures, especially since your that far along.

She is just beautiful. Hard to believe she'll be here sooner than later now :)

Safe travels over the holiday season!

Hang in there!

docgrumbles said...

Hello,baby girl! Such a cutie already!

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Lisa said...

What a cute little baby belly. Congrats on the upcoming arrival of your little girl. It too am an IVF Mommy so I know how much excitement you must have.

Christy said...

Your little girl has the most adorable little nose! Ever.

docgrumbles said...

Hello, baby girl! You are gorgeous!

Nic said...

She is beautiful, what amazing pictures!!