Thursday, April 19, 2007

IUI #3

Here's the data from IUI #3.
CD 4-8 50 mg Clomid, CD9-11 75 iu Gonal-f, CD 12 10,000 units HCG

CD4 Blood Draw:
E2: 44
FSH: 7.91
LH: 11.9

CD11 Blood Draw/Ultrasound:
E2: 934
FSH: 7.2
LH: 15.9
Left Ovary: 17.5, 16.2, 11.5, 9.4, many less than 10
Right Ovary: 11, 10.5, 10, many less than 10
Lining: 5.6 (what?!)

As of the IUI date, CD14, the sperm count pre-wash was 111million at 61% motile. Post wash it was labeled "TMC" which I guess means Too Many to Count? Motility was 60%. Our best sample thus far, and with BD the night before too! This was probably due to either giving the same at the clinic (& not at home w/ a 35 minute drive) or abstaining for 3 days before the evening before the IUI (since J wasn't in town). Not sure, but next time we'll definitely be getting the sample IN the clinic.

IUI went smoothly and was, as usual, very little pain.

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